Our Story

About Us/ History

Kelly’s Karamels history began when Alaska was still a territory. Kelly’s Grandma Renie embarked on a soft caramel tradition that has passed from generation to generation.  The family tradition continues in Troy, MI where Kelly and her son Craig still follow Grandma Renie’s approach of slow-cooked goodness and using all natural ingredients.  There is nothing artificial about these tasty morsels.

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What makes Kelly’s Karamels so unique? In addition to our ingredients, our homemade caramels are created in small batches from scratch. These soft delectable treats are slow cooked to perfection. You can always count on superior taste each and every time…and that is something you’ll never get from factory-line candies.

Mission Statement & Guarantee

“Create sweet moments for all our patrons, one caramel at a time. To us, at Kelly’s Karamels, you are our extended family,and we will always provide exceptionally tasty caramel treats and superb service.”

Kelly’s Karamels realizes that nothing is more important than the way we treat our clients and vendors. It is our mission to continuously dedicate ourselves each day by offering customer service and caramel confections that go above and beyond expectations. Kelly’s Karamels will:

  • Offer superior, soft chew caramels made from the finest ingredients.
  • Bestow a level of service that exceeds your expectations.
  • Earn your business through our high quality products, experienced staff, and our integrity.
  • Stand behind our product proudly, guaranteeing all products and services.