Our Caramel

  • Traditional Vanilla: We still follow my Grandma Renie’s traditional recipe and use only the finest ingredients. You’ll find our buttery soft caramels will melt in your mouth, but won’t stick to your teeth. These soft delectable treats are slow cooked, hand cut and hand wrapped. Discover the homemade goodness of our Traditional Vanilla caramels today.IMG_8265
  • Pink Sea Salt: Our traditional vanilla caramel sprinkled with an Australian pink sea salt. The combination of this mild salt with our buttery sweet caramel is a match made in heaven and cant be missed!
  • IMG_8294
  • Pecan: When we combine our buttery traditional caramel with our fresh pecan halves, it creates the perfect mouth-watering treat that you just can’t resist. IMG_8327
  • Cherry: If you are a cherry lover you don’t want to miss this! We have combined our buttery smooth soft caramels with full Traverse City Montmorency dried cherries.  A couple of seconds after your first bite your palate will be hit with a rich cherry flavor of sweet and tart that satisfies the most discriminating of tastes.IMG_8357
  • Cocoa: NEW! Finally an answer for all chocoholics! Our new cocoa caramel blends the bold flavors of an all natural cocoa powder with the creamy goodness of our traditional recipe to create a treat anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy.New Cocoa
  • Coffee: The newest addition to the Kelly’s Karamels product line! Using a blend of imported espresso coffees, we’ve created a deliciously smooth caramel with a nice coffee flavor that builds as you chew. KellysKaramelsCoffeeWebOptimized-051
  • Caramel Dip: Perfect for apple season or your favorite salty snacks. Kelly’s Karamels dip can be used with fruits, chips, pretzels, ice cream or just about any food that could use a caramel boost!
  • IMG_8430